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About me

I am an educator, health coach, and fitness trainer

I am passionate about sharing what I learn as I build an income online.

I do all the research and the experimenting on my health and fitness blog so you don’t have to!

These are unprecedented times: anyone can create an online business and work from anywhere in the world! Are you taking advantage of it?

From Hobby to Business Without the Overwhelm

Many online entrepreneurs struggle with three main issues:

  1. The overabundance of information available, well…online! They start feeling distracted and overwhelmed.
  2. They don’t treat their blog like a business, they treat it like a hobby. Yet, they expect it to pay like a business.
  3. They don’t have a clear step-by-step roadmap to achieve their goal.

I was no exception!

Fortunately, I stuck it out because I had a clear vision.  I was going to make it work no matter what it took. I did not want to trade hours for dollars. Rather, I wanted to build a residual income I could earn from anywhere in the world.

I started in the world of network marketing, but even as I worked to build my network marketing business, I was striving to create my income online on autopilot without messaging every living thing.


Of course, I made many mistakes along the way:


1- I tried to sell without creating valuable content.

My first blog was all about the supplements I was selling. I had not the slightest clue about how marketing works. I didn’t realize that the art of selling requires creating useful content for your readers. I didn’t know how to offer product recommendations in the context of informative blog posts.

That’s why deciding what you will be selling and how before creating your content is essential.


2- I created blogs without understanding how to pick a profitable niche.

I knew I wanted to create a blog in the health and wellness niche (which you should know, is one of the hardest to grow). The problem is I didn’t know how I wanted to narrow my niche. I created three blogs before finally settling on my current fasting blog.

Doing some niche research would have saved me a lot of time!


3- I didn’t manage my time efficiently. 

Whenever I worked on the project, I lacked a clear direction. I didn’t have a timeline or deadlines. I didn’t know how to break up big projects into small tasks. I often felt confused and distracted.

A step-by-step roadmap with specific daily tasks is critical if you want to manage your time efficiently.


4- I didn’t focus on money-making activities.

I understood the activities that have value when it some to building an online business. However, I didn’t understand that they don’t have equal value. I didn’t have a ranking system to focus on the most important activities. I didn’t have a clear understanding of the money-making activities that have the most impact.

When you have to build your online business in the nooks and crannies of your day, you absolutely need to let go of all the “fluff.” 


5- I didn’t push hard enough.

Now, that’s a hard one to swallow. I thought I was working hard. However, not only I didn’t focus on the right activities, I didn’t understand what it means to push to take your business from the ground up. For months and months, I found myself coasting along and working when I felt like it. Do you think that creating an online income that you can earn from anywhere in the world is easy? Think again! If it was, everyone would do it and succeed. Fulfilling your dreams will require sacrifice and countless hours of seemingly “unpaid” work.

Your mindset is your greatest asset. You will need to learn some important personal skills to succeed.


Things changed when I realized that if I wanted my blog to pay like a business, I had to treat it like a business.

I stopped fooling around and started making real sacrifices that yield real results. Just three months later, I had more than tripled my income!

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