Create and Go Six-Figure Blogger Course: My Full Module-By-Module Review

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You may know from my posts Blogging Course RoundUp and The Lowdown On 5 Instagram Courses You Have Been Wanting to Take that I am a bit of a course junkie. You may also know that Lauren and Alex from Create and Go have produced some of my favorite courses.

First, I purchased the Build and Launch Your Blog course, which has become Launch Your Blog Biz. Then, I purchased the Six-Figured Blogger course. I should really just have bought the ProBlogger Bundle to get the discount! Anyway, in this post, I am going to take you through each lesson of the Six-Figure Blogger Course. Then, I will give you a general overview to help you decide if it’s the right course for you.

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum includes an introduction and some legalities, but effectively, the first module is The Six-Figure Blog Framework.

The Six-Figure Blog Framework

This module is the foundation of the whole course. It makes a few important points:

  • Begin with the end in mind and work backward from there. You need to always keep your end goal in mind when you work on your blog. You produce content, create funnels, pick affiliate products always keeping your end goal in mind.
  • Your blog is not about you, it’s about your audience. You are solving your audience’s problems and you are serving them. Your preferences may not matter as much as you think. What matters more is what your audience wants.
  • To increase sales, you have to increase your traffic and/or your conversion rate. Learn Pinterest, SEO, and another traffic channel to increase your traffic. Work on improving your conversion rate by improving your sales page and your sales funnel.
  • You need to establish some trust with most of your site visitors before you make a sale. The way you do this is by getting your site visitors to sign up for your mailing list. Then, you send valuable emails and make an irresistible offer.
  • A combination of affiliate products and your own products is the best way to reach your goal to become a six-figure blogger. Testing affiliate products with your audience is a good way to decide which digital products you should create.

Affiliate Marketing

Once you start learning what affiliate products your audience is interested in, you can create your own. In the module Affiliate Marketing, you will learn how to find the best affiliate products to promote and how to do it right. When you sell affiliate products, don’t make the following mistakes:

  • Be clear about the fact that the link is an affiliate product you are promoting.
  • Make sure you purchase the product yourself.
  • Set the right expectations for the product.

One of the best ways to promote affiliate products is by creating review articles. To create a great review product, establish what your life was like before and how it has changed. Show some proof of what difference the product made in your life (for example, before and after photos or screenshots of your results). Talk about how the results made you feel.

Always make sure to disclose you are an affiliate.

In this module, you will also learn to sell your affiliate products using email. A good email funnel establishes a strong relationship with your subscriber, builds anticipation for the product, and gives a reason to buy. Alex goes through the email sequence and tells you exactly what to talk about each day.

Creating Digital Products and Services

When it comes to creating your own digital products, apart from seeing which of your affiliate products do best, you can learn from your competitors. Chances are, they have done their research and experimentation. Checking what they offer will give you a good idea of what is working. Lastly, consulting your audience through surveys, for example, may be another way to check what products you can create. In this module, you will learn exactly how to use Survey Monkey to create a survey to get feedback from your audience.

Before you create your digital product, it’s a good idea to make sure you understand who you are creating your product for. This will help you narrow down the problem you want to solve. One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when creating a digital product is to try to solve too many problems. You need to make sure the problem you want to solve is big enough that people will want to pay to find a solution.

I love how Alex talks about how work expands to fill the time allotted in one of the lessons. He talks about the importance of not dragging out the product creation phase. He also shares a week-by-week schedule you can follow to get your product finished within a month.

Creating an Ebook From Scratch

In the first lesson of this module, Alex explains why you need to start with the opt-in. The opt-in is the reward your reader gets to share his or her email address with you. He also explains the importance of making sure your blog posts and your paid products are related to your free opt-in so you attract your ideal customer. He will take you through the whole process of creating your opt-in and make sure you are picking the right opt-in for your product.

Moreover, Alex gives you some helpful formulas to create a product headline that sells. The headline is the most important part of your product creation. It is the promise to solve your audience’s problem.

Next, you will create your bonuses, your images, finalize your PDF and publish it on Amazon. This module guides you step-by-step.

Creating an ECourse From Scratch

To sell your ecourse, you need to start with your opt-in the same way we talked about in the ebook module. Alex reiterates the importance of making sure your opt-in is congruent with the article and the paid product. Your opt-in should take very little time to create and be easily consumable by your reader.

The process to create your product name, outline and bonuses will be the same as the one explained to create an ebook from scratch.

The main difference between creating an ecourse and an ebook as that you will have to record your presentations and upload your videos. For this reason, the main things you will learn in this module are:

  • Filling in your outline
  • Creating your presentation
  • Formating your templates
  • Slide structures

Lauren will be showing you how to achieve each of these steps by demonstrating how Alex and she followed the process to create their own courses. It’s useful to see the steps in action.

How to Sell: High Converting Sales Page

In this module, you will learn everything you need to know about landing pages. Learn the pros and cons of various landing page builders, and create your lead magnet. You will learn how to write great copy, what sequence is most effective to get people to sign up to your mailing list, and how to sell your paid product.

Getting Visitors to Your Sales Page

In this module, you will learn to write with a purpose. No more creating content aimlessly. Professional bloggers know how to tie everything together by creating content that solves your potential buyer’s problems. It’s not enough to have a great sales page and email sequence if you don’t get any visitors. Your content needs to attract the right kind of visitors.

You will learn to write articles and videos that provide introduce the problem and the solution, but make the reader want more. You will also discover how to use emotion to relate to your reader and overcome objections.

Email Marketing Mastery

Email marketing is extremely important because most people will not make a purchase the first time they land on your Website. Your email list is the single most effective way to stay in touch with your readers. Contrary to social media platforms, which can be taken away from you at any time, your email list belongs to you. In this module, discover how to create effective opt-ins, how to pick your email service provider, and your trust funnel.

General Overview

In this section, I will just give you some quick points to consider to decide if The Six-Figure Blogger course is right of you.

What I Love About the Course

Even as I was writing the course curriculum, I was blown away. This course is so comprehensive, I don’t even think anyone needs anything else to have a successful blog. The Six-Figure Blogger is the first course I bought that really helped me understand the importance of having the final result in mind to monetize your blog. Many bloggers (including me) start blogging without really understanding how they will monetize their blog. They produce content without keeping the end goal in mind. This is something that I talk about in my post 5 Things You Need to Do Before You Start Blogging That Nobody Else Will Tell You.

What I love most about the course is how comprehensive it is.

What Could Be Improved About the Course

What could be improved about the course is… Nothing! No, seriously, I feel that maybe the fact that the course talks about so many things may feel a bit overwhelming to some. After all, you have courses strictly about course creation, some strictly about email marketing, and others about affiliate marketing. That’s a lot of information for one course!

My Personal Experience

The Create and Go courses were a huge stepping stone in my blogging career. In hindsight, there are not many courses that I have purchased that I would purchase again. I never become an affiliate for such courses. That is why at the time of this writing, I am only an affiliate for Create and Go and Natalie Bacon. By the way, if you use my affiliate link to buy any of these courses, you get to pick any course you want from my Shop page for free. You will get the best value possible!

I started blogging to grow my influence and my network marketing business. It has become so much more! I have been enjoying experimenting with what I have been learning and seeing my mailing list grow, getting leads on autopilot, and forming an online community.

High-quality courses like The Six-Figure Blogger have helped me understand the sales process and always produce content with a goal in mind. Nobody likes to spin their wheels. The course will help you know exactly what to do to earn an income from your blog and how to do it. It has allowed me to start making sales even when I had less than 20 blog posts and less than 400 page views per month.

Moreover, as I started understanding how to serve my audience better, I was able to refine my message and create a new blog. Compared to my previous blog, this new blog was a huge success. I went from getting around 20 new subscribers a week to 10 in one day with the new blog. It really helped that I already had a decent social platform where I could share my new site. I created a free training that explains how you can use Instagram to promote your business. It’s called My 5-Step Formula to Growing Your Network Marketing Business on Instagram. If you are not using network marketing to monetize your blog, I recommend you consider it. Most companies offer around 10% commission on their products to their affiliates. In network marketing, you typically get around 20%. If you pick the right network marketing company, the possibilities are endless to share in the context of whatever your blog is about.

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In Summary

The Six-Figure Blogger will give you all the tools you need to succeed as a professional blogger. Remember, success as a blogger, is a combination of consistency, trial and error, and knowledge of the basic marketing techniques that are proven effective in the online world.