Elite Marketing Pro Review

Elite Marketing Pro Review – Not An Affiliate

If you are in network marketing and hang out on Facebook, you have seen ads from Elite Marketing Pro. All these ads have enticing headlines. They hook you in with promises of building your business without having to prospect friends and family. You then sign up for a 10-day email series about attraction marketing from Elite Marketing Pro. All these ads are run by students, so it’s never the same person. You never know for sure it’s going to turn out to be Elite Marketing Pro, but it usually is. If you are wondering if you should sign up for a membership, read on. In this review, I will share my experience.

What is Elite Marketing Pro?

Let’s start this review with a general overview of how Elite Marketing Pro works. Elite Marketing Pro is a marketing system targeting network marketers. They offer a monthly membership that gives you access to a training platform and Website hosting. I think the term “attraction marketing” has been made popular among network marketers through all their ad campaigns. They entice network marketers to sign up by promising that they will be able to grow their MLM online without chasing leads.

My Experience

Attraction Marketing Leaders

Before I go into a more detailed review of Elite Marketing Pro, I would like to tell you a bit more about my experience. It will help you understand where I stand. I know some big names of network marketing like Julie Burke and Bec Sadek have used Elite Marketing Pro successfully. They have built their network marketing businesses on social media without spamming their friends and family. That’s the dream of most network marketers, right? To build your business on autopilot, to stop chasing leads, and to enroll 10 new distributors a month without prospecting sounds like a dream come true! This type of success is possible. Just watch these attraction marketing leaders, and see how they expand their businesses. However, it doesn’t come easy, and it takes time.

How I joined and quit Elite Marketing Pro

As for me, I joined with a monthly membership. After I joined, I started watching the training sessions right away. I don’t remember much about the videos or what I learned. It didn’t strike me as extremely useful. What I do remember is that to get access to more training videos, I had to book a coaching call. I went ahead and booked the coaching call. The further I went into the process, the more apparent it became that the goal was to teach me how to promote the Elite Marketing Pro platform. I wasn’t interested in selling a tool that teaches network marketers how to sell a tool, so I quit.

Elite Marketing Review

Even though I didn’t stick to the program for more than a month, I have a decent idea of what you can expect there. I have seen network marketers turn it to their advantage and have great success, while others end up feeling scammed.


  • Extensive training and coaching: As you move along in the program, you will receive access to in-depth training modules and multiple coaching calls.
  • Multiple streams of income: The opportunity to become an affiliate for Elite Marketing Pro allows you to monetize network marketing leads who are not looking for a new business opportunity.
  • Attraction Marketing Success Stories: The strategies taught in the program work, there are many success stories to prove it. The general concept is this: build your Facebook fan page, set up a funnel, and run ads to it.


  • Expensive: There are multiple upsells in the program, and you could end up paying thousands of dollars. Building a Facebook fan page and promoting a funnel through Facebook ads don’t come cheap either. You need to be able to invest hundreds of dollars a month in ads. I am the first to say that if you want your business to make you money, you have to treat it like a business. That means investing money into it (read more on that in my post 5 Things to Do Before You Start Blogging That Nobody Else Will Tell You). However, I believe that when you are just starting, there is a better way to build your online presence and influence than Facebook ads. Keep reading to learn more about your other options.
  • Misleading: You will learn to drive traffic to your funnel by promising network marketers that they will build their network marketing business without prospecting. You will get new leads who are excited to learn how to rank up in their company. They will quickly realize that instead, they are learning to promote the Elite Marketing Pro platform.

The Verdict

So, the verdict? Don’t invest in Elite Marketing Pro unless you can spend thousands of dollars on your business before you see any results. My all-time favorite Elite Marketing Pro alumni, Bec Sadeck, talks about how she did weekly (and more than weekly sometimes) Facebook lives for a year without anyone watching before she saw results. Attraction marketing takes time, my friends. That’s why your upline is teaching you the usual make-a-list approach. You will see results faster by prospecting everyone around you. Think about it: If you are in a public place and telling everyone to look at a product or opportunity, what percentage of people will stop and listen to you? It will be pretty small. However, if you present that same product or opportunity in the context of a private conversation, the percentage of people who will listen to what you have to say will be much higher. If you want to grow your network marketing business fast, you WILL have to do some prospecting. However, if you don’t want to be sending random “Hey Girl!” messages, attraction marketing is the way to go.

Other Attraction Marketing Options

You don’t need Elite Marketing Pro to learn how to implement attraction marketing in your network marketing business. The most effective attraction marketing method for network marketers right now is blogging and YouTubing. In fact, Elite Marketing Pro mainly helps you set up a blog and attract your ideal customer. You can achieve these results by learning about blogging from professional bloggers. In fact, I would recommend you never set up a blog on someone else’s platform (like Elite Marketing Pro).

Self-Hosted Blog

After much trial and error and buying tons of blogging courses (including Tanya Aliza’s Ultimate Branding Blueprint), I came up with a system that has been allowing me to get new customers for my network marketing business every single month without chasing leads. As I am writing this post, I have signed up 9 customers halfway through the month and I didn’t have to prospect any of them. It is all done through my health and wellness blog in the fasting niche where I promote a green superfood shake (and other supplements by offering free menu plans, reviews, and weight loss advice). If you would consider doing something like that for your own network marketing business, I recommend you check out my free 30-minute Niche Site Workshop.

Blogging vs. Other Platforms

You probably noticed that people who are successful fast in network marketing have a huge influence and network. In the end, attraction marketing helps you gain that influence and network. Your mailing list is your new network. You can start monetizing your network marketing business the same way bloggers monetize affiliate products. There are other options, of course, like podcasting, which is gaining in popularity like crazy. As an introvert who likes to write, I find blogging more attractive. If you think blogging is dead, think again. Bloggers are still able to monetize new blogs, and they are quite profitable.

5 Simple Steps to Build Your MLM Online Using Attraction Marketing

While the main part of using attraction marketing without Elite Marketing Pro is blogging, it doesn’t end there. Learn the whole 5-step process I have been using to make sales online for my MLM business by reading my post 5 Simple Steps to Build Your MLM Online Using Attraction Marketing. I have been experimenting with attraction marketing over the last three years and, with a lot of tweaking and experimenting, I have been able to come up with an exact formula that will give you the best results without gimmicks. No need to go and promote an expensive platform for someone else. All you need to do is help your audience solve their problems.

In Summary

While some network marketers have been successful using Elite Marketing Pro, most will find that it is an expensive option that doesn’t help you achieve the results you want independently. Instead, it is made to ensure you depend on the system in place to reach your audience and make sales. I recommend you learn how to implement attraction marketing without relying on the platform that Elite Marketing Pro offers. Again, read my post 5 Simple Steps to Build Your MLM Online Using Attraction Marketing to know everything you need to know.