Honest Kat Coroy Instagram Class Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

If you have been following me for a while, you know that 2 years ago, Instagram was my jam. I had been experimenting and learning through dozens of Instagram courses (check out my post The Lowdown on 5 Instagram Courses You Have Been Wanting to Buy). My love affair with Instagram hasn’t changed.

However, the results I get from Instagram definitely have. Not sure what the big Instagram gurus would say, but my stance is that if you want to promote your online biz, Instagram is pretty hit and miss. if you want to have fun and connect with your audience, Instagram is perfect! To this day, I make sure to post consistently and get many profile visits and website clicks from my posts. It’s not too late to learn to master Instagram for your online business!

Today, I decided to write a Kat Coroy Instagram Makeover Class Review to help you decide if it’s worth your money.

Kat Coroy Instagram Class Review

I am going to start my Kat Coroy Instagram Makeover Class Review with an overview of exactly what you will find in the class portal. Then, I am going to share what I think are the pros and cons of the course. Decide for yourself if it’s worth your money!

Kat Coroy Instagram Class Overview

Let me take you through Kat Coroy’s Instagram Makeover Class portal. The course is divided into 6 weeks as follows:

  • Week 1: Brand Soul Essence
  • Week 2: Graphic Design Secrets
  • Week 3: Photography Masterclass
  • Week 4: Transformation Time
  • Week 5: The Power of Video
  • Week 6: Flourish and Grow

You will not be receiving access to the whole course at once. Instead, you receive a new module each week.

Week 1

The first week is all about learning to create a brand. You will be defining who you are serving, what problem you are solving, and how. The Brand Soul Essence Module is composed of 9 video lessons:

  • Welcome to the Fam: Introductory video
  • Instagram Brand Builder: overview of the different ways to build your brand on Instagram (like your bio, Reels, feed, IGTV,etc.). Explanation of the system the course use to build your brand on Instagram.
  • Set Up for Success: Make some decisions to get started like Should you start a new account?, make your account Business or Personal?, archive or keep your existing feed?, etc.
  • Instagram App Tour: Self-explantory
  • Brand Soul Essence: Define the purpose of your business to help others understand what you do in a way that is appealing.
  • My Soul Essence Personality: Going further into your marketing by describing the emotions you want people to feel when thinking about your brand.
  • Atract My Fans: Define your ideal customer.
  • My Competition?: Determine how to showcase your uniqueness. You have no competition because nobody else is like you.
  • Brilliant Bio: How to make your bio pop.

Week 2

The Graphic Design Secrets Module is very practical. It’s all about your fonts, graphics, and brand colors. It includes 8 video lessons:

  • Visual Brand Elements: Overview
  • Colour Geeks: Learn about how to pick your brand colors.
  • Canva Colour Palette: Familiarize yourself with Canva.
  • Fabulour Fonts: Choose your fonts.
  • Simple Keys to Good Design: Discover the basics of design.
  • Creating Graphics in Canva: Self-explanatory
  • Using Templates: How to use templates in Canva.
  • Video Covers: Create your video covers in Canva.

Week 3

In the Photography Masterclass Module, you will perfect your photography skills. It includes 8 video lessons:

  • Emotions in Imagery: Connect images with the emotions you want your brand to trigger.
  • Photography Action Plan: Determine how you will take your pictures (type of camera, background, textures, style of photography, etc).
  • Space Shots: Find images, take pictures of yourself, edit your pictures.
  • Perfect Pics of Me: More tips on taking pictures of yourself.
  • Found Images: How to find and credit pictures from others.
  • Crop and Filter: A deep dive into editing your pictures.
  • Profile picture: Choose the right profile picture.
  • Visual Brand Element Review: Perfect your fonts, colors, graphics, etc.

Week 4

In the Transformation Time Module, you get to the fun part of transforming your feed! Here’s what the module covers:

  • Uplad Your Elements: Learn to schedule and upload your elements.
  • Feed Desing Masterclass: Create a beautiful-looking feed.
  • Captions That Connect: Discover how to write captivating captions.
  • Explore Hashtags: Develop your hashtag strategy.
  • Posting to Your Feed: Start transforming your feed.
  • Content Zones Explained: Overview of the different Instagram features.

Week 5

The Power of Video Module is all about learning to take advantage of video content for your business on Instagram. Here’ what it covers:

  • Stories
  • Story Highlights
  • Reels
  • IGTV
  • Basic Video Editing
  • Going Live

Week 6

This is the last week and module! It’s called Flourish and Grow and the purpose is to help you grow your Instagram account. The lessons include:

  • Time to Sine: Lesson overview
  • Instagram Shopping: Learn how to use this feature for your business.
  • Achieving Success: Pick your Instagram growth strategies.
  • Inspirational Student Tips: Hear some students’ stories.
  • Mission Accomplished: Course conclusion

Who Is This Course For?

Ok, so now that I took you through each of the modules of the Instagram Makeover course, it wouldn’t be a review if I didn’t help you determine if the Kat Coroy Instagram Class is right for you, would it?

Before I describe the ideal student for the course, let me just say that Kat Coroy’s content is engaging and top-notch. The quality of the material is unsurpassed and there is no better Instagram course on the market. However, I still don’t think her course is for everyone.

Here’s how I would describe her ideal student:

  • Money and time are not an issue (the course costs $400 and takes 6 weeks to go through).
  • Does not want to miss out on any piece of information.
  • Would like a community of students to bounce ideas.
  • Wants monthly live Q&A sessions.
  • Is highly motivated to finish the course even if it’s a long process (I can imagine many would drop out after a couple of weeks). A course is not worth anything if you don’t implement what you learn, so make sure you see it through!
  • Prefers highly professional course material to a more casual approach and is willing to pay extra for it.

Obviously, you may find that some of these points describe you, but not all. That’s why I am going to suggest an alternative and help you determine if it suits you better.

Kat Coroy Instagram Class Alternative

How could I write a Kat Coroy Instagram Class Review without mentioning my 5-Step Formula to Master Instagram for Your Online Business in Just 14 Days, right? My Instagram course contains a streamlined version of the content you will find on Kat Coroy’s Instagram Makeover. Instead of spending 6 weeks going through it, you will be done within 14 days.

Who Is My Instagram Course For?

My ideal student wants to learn how to use Instagram to connect with her audience and send traffic to an online business. Here’s how I would describe her:

  • Likes to know exactly what to do each day and wants to check off specific tasks to accomplish.
  • Likes casual videos that are short and to the point.
  • Wants a sales funnel for her business.
  • Doesn’t like fluff.
  • Is self-motivated.
  • Wants to learn how to write a great Instagram bio and pick the best Instagram growth strategies.

Does that help? Do you see yourself in one of the two ideal customer descriptions more than the other?

To learn more about my 5-Step Formula to Master Instagram for Your Online Business In Just 14 Days and see the course curriculum, check out this page.

In Summary

I hope you found this Kat Coroy Instagram Class Review helpful. The Instagram Makeover course is hands down the best one on the market in my opinion. However, my Instagram course is a fraction of the price, so you should definitely consider it. You don’t get all the extras with my course, so I recommend you carefully weigh the pros and cons to determine which would benefit you most.

Kat Coroy Instagram Class Review