how to get more blog traffic

Top 7 Most Effective Tips to Get More Blog Traffic While Working Less

Many professional bloggers will tell you that to get more blog traffic, you have to work on getting backlinks, post at least 3 times a week, preferably every day, and network with other bloggers to be a guest author. I am not saying these tactics don’t work, but if you follow my top 7 most effective tips you will find they are not necessary. In this post, I am going to show you how to get more blog traffic without all the fluff that is time-consuming and that makes you feel like a salesperson.

How to Get More Blog Traffic Working Less

I have been growing two other blogs aside from this one simply using the following strategies. It is possible to get more blog traffic while working less.

1. Create a Niche Blog

A niche blog is a blog that focuses on one topic only. For example, I have a fasting blog and all I do is talk about different forms of fasting. Having a niche blog is probably the most important piece of how to get more blog traffic. The narrower the niche, the less competition there is. Also, Google will start recognizing your domain as having more authority more quickly.

Niche Examples

When you pick a niche, consider not only the topic you want to blog about but also the audience you want to be reaching. For example, most of my blog posts on this site are written with network marketers in mind. Here are some niche blog examples:

  • Survival skills for families
  • Hiking/backpacking in Canada
  • Homeschooling large families
  • Medical freedom resources for moms
  • Pregnancy and birth for new moms or veteran moms
  • Herbal remedies

As you can see, the possibilities are endless! I would just suggest that as you pick your niche, you figure out how you are going to monetize your blog traffic. Many bloggers create digital products to help their visitors deepen their knowledge of the chosen topic and take them step-by-step from point A to point B. Another common monetization strategy is to sell affiliate products. I sell network marketing products on my health and wellness blogs. Of course, if you have a huge amount of visitors, you can make thousands of dollars a month in ads only. Read How to Pick a Profitable Niche for Your Blog to learn more.

2. Don’t Neglect Keyword Research

Every time you write a blog post, you need to do some keyword research to ensure the headlines and keywords have the potential to bring in the traffic you need.

The Low Hanging Fruit

As a new blogger, you most likely don’t have any domain authority, so you need to focus on keywords that have less competition. I love Ubersuggest for my keyword research. It’s a free tool, and new bloggers love free tools, right? I was able to rank for many keywords simply looking at various options and making sure that there were no more than 500 searches a month on the topic. This is called the “low hanging fruit”. Fewer searches mean fewer big Websites competing for these keywords. Most professional bloggers use SEMrush, and as my blogs grow I may start using it to learn further how to increase my blog traffic.

Headlines People Click-On

Another important factor to consider is creating click-worthy titles. The more people click on your titles, the quicker your rankings will improve. Let me give a few tips to make your titles more click-worthy:

  • Use the formula number+superlative+adjective+keyword+time as often as you can. An example would be Top 11 Most Fascinating Apple Cider Uses to Increase your Health in the Next Two Weeks. I have to admit, I usually focus on the number+superlative+keyword part of the formula, but hey, you can experiment and see what works best for your blog. Now, the plugin Monster Insights even comes with a headline analyzer.
  • Use How to blog post titles. How to titles with your keyword in it tend to work really well too.
  • Use the word You to really make it about your reader and about the benefits that she or he is looking for.
  • You don’t need to always include your keyword in your main title, but I usually try to. You should always include your keyword in some of your subtitles.
  • Include your keyword in the introduction paragraph as well as in your conclusion as often as possible.
  • No need to dump your keyword all over your blog post (many bloggers used to do that, it’s called keyword stuffing). Instead, include it a few times in your content as naturally as possible without breaking the flow of your post.

3. Write Multiple Posts on the Same Topic

Your niche should be pretty specific as we have talked about already, but you can take this a step further. Pick a topic within your niche and write multiple blog posts about it. It will greatly increase your chance of ranking for the keyword. When you are just getting started, you can pick whatever narrow topic you are most interested in when you look at your keywords possibilities. As your blog traffic grows, you can look at which keywords you rank for already. Focus on these keywords to improve your rankings. When you search for your domain in Ubersuggest, you will be able to see all the keywords that are bringing you traffic.

4. Create Multiple Pins for Each Blog Post

There is no question that Pinterest is the most reliable and quickest way to get blog traffic. I usually create one Pinterest image for my blog posts and I pin it right after publishing my post. That’s all I do! Yet, I get most of my traffic from Pinterest. Bloggers grow their blog even faster than I do by creating multiple pin images for each blog post. For example, you could create 5 different pins and add one to Pinterest each day. This strategy would increase your Pinterest traffic fast.

5. Be Consistent

Writing consistently is important to keep increasing your Pinterest traffic. I recommend you write at least once a week for better results. I have abandoned some of my blogs to find that some posts still brought in lots of traffic and to discover that my domain authority was still increasing. However, for the best and quickest results, keep at it! Learning how to get more blog traffic is a long term project that requires consistency.

6. Embed a Video or Podcast

The more value a blog post offers, the more likely Google will show it to people looking for your keyword. One way to offer more value is to embed videos or podcasts. Some blogging experts even recommend you simply embed videos that do well on YouTube even if they are not your own. If you don’t make videos, that may be an option to consider.

How to Pick a YouTube Video

Search for your keyword on Google and see if Google shows any video results. If so, you can use one of the videos that you find. If not, look for your keyword on YouTube. Pick one of the highest ranking videos that has the most likes and shares.

7. Write Readable In-Depth Posts

Writing blog posts that are readable and exhaustive will improve your rankings on Google. Ultimately, Google is your best long term blog traffic source.

How to Improve Blog Readability

To improve your blog readability, make sure your posts are not just a long paragraph with text only. Take advantage of the following WordPress boxes:

  • Headings: Divided your topic into subtopics using headings.
  • Lists: Lists are great to quickly showcase important steps and elements in your topic.
  • Images: Images break up your content nicely and make your posts more attractive to the eye. You can use stock images, graphs, or infographics.
  • Quotes: Depending on your niche, quotes might be a nice addition.
  • Bold and colored text: Changing things up with your font will also help keep your visitors engaged.

Adding diversity to your blog posts is how you get visitors to stay on your page. Take advantage of all the features you can.

Creating In-Depth Content

Another good practice is to write in-depth posts. I already mentioned that Google tends to prioritize content that offers the most value. For this reason, longer posts tend to rank better. I always aim to write blog posts of at least 1,000 words but write between 2,500 and 3,000 words as often as you can.

In Summary

When it comes to learning how to get more blog traffic in less time, I would say the most important piece of advice I can offer you is to offer as much value as you can. Think in terms of how you can most help your readers achieve the results they want. Create content that revolves around keywords that have traffic potential and niche down as much as possible. That’s it! You don’t need to spam other bloggers and write 5 times a week. Just produce quality content consistently. Don’t forget to sign up for my 30-minute workshop to learn exactly how to earn a full-time income from your niche site.