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How to Use Attraction Marketing to Build Your MLM Business in 2020

I am so excited to write this post about attraction marketing for MLM (multi-level marketing). In fact, I wrote the title at the beginning of 2020 and it’s now the month of August. I do plan on updating it every year to give you the most relevant information. The reason it took me so long to finally write it is that I don’t just makeup stuff that I think would work. I share whatever I am learning over on my other blog Fasting With Intention and it takes time to experiment and see results. Now, I am seeing results! That’s why I am excited to share!

Attraction Marketing Definition

Before we get started with the practical aspects of attraction marketing for MLM, I want to briefly define what it means. If you are reading this post, you probably have a pretty good idea of what it’s about so, I am going to make it quick. Attraction marketing means that instead of having to reach out to your network of family and friends to sell your products, you get people reaching out to you whether it be through social media or an online platform like a blog. Sounds great, right?

Now let me share what I have been doing in 2020 that has allowed me to get people to buy products from my network marketing company without me ever having to reach out to them.

How Attraction Marketing for MLM Changes Over Time

The purpose here is to share the most effective aspects of attractions marketing for MLM in 2020. Attraction marketing evolves over the years. What works one year doesn’t necessarily work the next. A good example is Instagram. Instagram was all the rage a few years ago. In fact, I got on the Instagram train one or two years before it stopped being a good platform for network marketing. I was able to see some results there and I even created a course about it called My 5-Step Formula to Growing Your Network Marketing Business on Instagram. My course is still live because what I teach in it will help anyone to grow any type of business online (setting up a freebie and growing a mailing list for your social media platforms), but don’t expect to make sales from your Instagram account. It most likely will not happen.

What Attraction Marketing Strategies Are Working in 2020

If Instagram no longer works to make MLM sales. What does work? Let’s go through the main marketing strategies that are working in 2020.


If you like to write, blogging is the way to go. However, you need to be aware of a few things to succeed:

  • It will take time to build your blog enough to make sales. Stay consistent and keep writing at the very least once a week. It took about 3 months to make my first sale from my blog Fasting With Intention. However, I had been experimenting with blogging for years. I have another blog called My Paleo Family, where I put lots of time and energy, but did not see much return. I also had another blog before that called Crunchy Homeschooling Mom. Make sure you understand that you will need to work for many hours without earning an income at first.
  • Your niche is everything. That’s where experimenting might come into play. You might be fortunate enough to pick the right niche from the start, or like me, you may have to try more than once. To learn more about picking the right niche, read my post How to Pick a Profitable Niche for Your Online Business.
  • The more traffic the more sales. It sounds obvious, I know, but the first thing that discourages all new bloggers is the lack of traffic. It will be important for you to learn the basics of getting traffic to your blog. If your goal is to make money, you can’t just blog about your life and share recipes. You need to pick your blog topics by doing some keyword research to find what topics are most likely to bring you traffic. Every time you write, there needs to be a purpose behind it and the purpose is to get traffic to your blog.
  • You are writing to sell. On top of keeping in mind the basics of keyword research to optimize your traffic, you need to make sure your posts feature the products you sell regularly. Of course, sometimes you will write only to provide value without mentioning any products. However, your products will never sell if you don’t talk about them. It may take some practice and reflection, but you will need to cleverly weave in your products in the context of your posts. It’s not any different than what affiliate marketers do online. Except, you are doing attraction marketing for MLM.


I started seeing the YouTube potential after realizing that even though I hadn’t created a video for months, my channel was still getting new subscribers. YouTube has two main advantages when it comes to attraction marketing for MLM:

  1. Some of your videos will keep bringing traffic years after you post them. Many of your videos will never get any views or barely any, that’s just a fact. However, once you learn how to pick the right topics and you start seeing which of your videos are getting more views, you will be able to produce more viewable content and your efforts will yield results for years to come.
  2. Videos give you that personal touch that makes sales more effective. If you just post on your blog, you may make sales. Many people do! However, videos increases the personal connection that is so important in network marketing. I know for a fact that my first sales came from my YouTube channel.

Learning to create videos takes time and growing a YouTube channel can seem like a long and painful process. However, it is an extremely effective attraction marketing strategy for MLM because not many network marketers are willing to put the time and the effort in, which means there is less competition. Furthermore, videos are becoming more and more common on Google first page rankings. Having videos on your blog may improve your blog traffic.


As I mentioned already, the fact that there is less competition on YouTube allowed me to make my first sales from YouTube even though I wasn’t getting much traffic to my blog (probably around 2,000 visitors a month). However, as I started producing more and more content, I noticed that my Pinterest traffic proportion was steadily increasing. Many bloggers swear by Pinterest and follow very in-depth protocols to get impressive results. All I have been doing is posting my weekly blog post Pinterest image once a week and still, Pinterest accounts for over 70% of my blog traffic. There is no question that Pinterest is still a primary source of traffic for most bloggers. To learn the basics of getting your traffic from Pinterest, read Before You Buy a Pinterest Course, Read This.

Email Marketing

Most bloggers will tell you that email marketing is the bread and butter of making sales online. Most people will not buy the first time they ever visit your blog. You will need to provide value and develop a relationship with your readers via email marketing. My sales have been directly through my blog/YouTube channel so far, my email marketing was a mess. I recently fixed that, I am curious to see what the results will be. However, I can tell you that I have been growing my mailing list and I can see the potential of email marketing in the near future.


If you don’t want to learn to make YouTube videos, podcasting is another option you may want to consider. Similarly to YouTube videos, podcasts help create a deeper connection with your online audience. Not only people get to hear your voice, but the competition is less steep than it would be with only a blog. Again, it’s a newer platform with more space for newcomers.

In Summary

If you are hoping to use attraction marketing for MLM, it is best to combine the strategies I outlined in this post. Of course, you don’t need to do everything! I would recommend you start in the following order: blog, Pinterest (just make sure to pin each of your blog posts), YouTube channel or podcast (embed it in your blog), and lastly, email marketing. I created a free 5-day email course called Blogging for Network Marketers. It gives you all the basics of picking your niche and setting up a self-hosted blog. Sing up and you will receive an update over the next few months to learn even more details about how bloggers can enroll more customers online.

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