My 5-Step Formula to master Instagram for your online business

Stop using Instagram like an influencer, start thinking like a business owner

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Follow the step-by-step process with your 14-day roadmap

My 5-step Formula to Master instagram for your online business:

14-day roadmap for maximum productivity

avoid making the same mistakes i made

My Instagram journey has been a long one! To name just a few of the mistakes that I made:

  1. I spent too much time in my DMs.
  2. I relied too heavily on the follow-for-follow strategy.
  3. I favored quantity over quality.
  4. I failed to understand what my audience really wanted.
  5. I focused on esthetics over content.
  6. I treated Instagram as an influencer, not a business owner.
Everything changed when I stopped focusing on numbers and started asking: “What can I learn from my followers?”

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, you can learn valuable information from them to grow your account and gain more customers for your online business.

Time to take the pressure off and start enjoying Instagram again!

step-by-step formula to master instagram in just 14 days

Follow my 14-day roadmap for the exact step-by-step process that will enable you to create your own sales funnel to grow your online business using Instagram.

  • Get a solid strategy to grow and monetize your Instagram account.
  • Stop relying on the whims of the Instagram algorithm and start building a list of contacts that belongs to you.
  • Improve your time management and productivity skills.
  • Set up a marketing funnel to make sales on autopilot.