Top 9 Most Practical Tips for Naming a Blog

Naming your blog is less important than most people think. Because new bloggers think the name of their blog is so important, they often spend more time on it than they should and pick something that they end up regretting. These tips for naming a blog will help you avoid some common pitfalls and will make the process much easier.

Tips for Naming a Blog

Want to pick a name for your blog you won’t regret later? Keep reading! The following top 9 tips for naming a blog will help you do just that!

1- Pick a Name That Is Easy to Remember

One of the most important tips that come to my mind about picking a blog name is to make sure your name is easy to remember. Avoid numbers or special characters. Try to pick something that’s only a few words at the most as you brainstorm.

2. Brainstorm

One of the first things you are going to do to pick a blog name is brainstorming. Brainstorming will unlock your creativity. It’s the process of jotting down any idea that pops into your brain without eliminating any of them.

Brainstorm Names That Relate to Your Niche

Think of words that relate to your topics. use a thesaurus for extra inspiration. For example, in the travel niche:

  • Adventure
  • Explorer
  • Nomad
  • Wanderer

Or in the crafting niche:

  • Crafter
  • Stitches
  • Creative
  • Project
  • Handmade

Dust off your thesaurus (or Google synonyms) and have some fun!

Brainstorm Made Up Names

Even though your blog name should be simple and easy to remember, a made-up name can be effective. For example, you could pick a simple word similar to a real word, like avocadu. Or create a name by combining two words, that’s called a portmanteau. We do that for dog breeds, for example, Labradoodle for a Labrador Retriever and Poodle mix. You can try a name combiner to come up with some ideas.

Brainstorm Puns and Alliterations

Puns and alliterations are memorable and amusing. Consider using them for your blog name.

Pun examples:

  • Dollars and Sense
  • Budget Bytes
  • Girl Gone Travel

Just make sure people will actually get your pun, don’t make it too obscure!

Alliterations are words in close proximity that begin with the same letter. Here are some examples:

  • Savouring Simplicity
  • katie in Kansas
  • Pilates for the People

Brainstorm Names That Relate to Your Audience

Another approach to picking a blog name is to consider your target audience. This website is an example!

3- Try a Blog Name Generator

After brainstorming blog names that relate to your niche and your target audience, you can try a blog name generator. Blog name generators work by using some keyword ideas you will provide. You will find that the ideas are not always great, but they can help and inspire you even more!

When you enter your keyword in the blog name generator, try some of the ideas you came up with while brainstorming.

4- Narrow It Down to a Few Options

By now, you should have a fairly long list of blog name ideas. It’s time to narrow it down. Start by eliminating blog names that fall in the following categories:

  • Too niche specific: While I recommend you pick a fairly narrow niche, don’t make your blog name too niche specific. You want room to grow. Your blog will evolve overtime and you don’t want your blog name to be a limiting factor. Moreover, kep in mind that the name of your blog has nothing to do with your SEO rankings.
  • Odd names hard to remember: Of course, I warned you about choosing simple names before you started brainstorming, but maybe you got carried away?
  • Names that don’t speak to you: As you go through your list, you will most likely quickly spot names that you just don’t like that much. After all, you were just brainstorming!

You want to have less than ten blog name options after this step.

Check the Availabilty of Your Favorite Name Ideas

As you narrow down your list, check if the blog names you like are available. Check GoDaddy.com for the blog URL and check if your name ideas are available on social media as well.

What About Picking Your Own Name?

It is fairly common to pick your name as your blog name. It’s an easy way to make sure you will not outgrow your blog name. I didn’t want to use my name for a blog name, but I did use it for my social media accounts. That’s something to consider. Your social media accounts are more personal, I find that using a personal name is a good option. In my case, I have more than one blog too, and I didn’t want to have to maintain more than one social media account.

5- Sleep on It for a Day or Two

That’s one of my favorite tips for naming a blog. You will be surprised at the ideas that can pop in your brain at random times. I often get inspired while I am driving or trying to go to sleep. After narrowing down your blog names, your brain is still in creative mode. You may find that you come up with your best idea yet at unexpected times.

6- Ask Some People Around You

Share your favorite ideas with some people around you. Seeing what you are going for, they may even have better ideas. You can also use your social media following to narrow down your options further.

7- Research Your Competitors

A deep dive into your competitors might help you come up with more ideas or just decide which one of your name ideas would work best. In my post What Is a Niche Site: The Ultimate Passive Income Strategy, I explain step-by-step how you can research your competitors.

Don’t forget to sign up for my 30-minute niche site workshop for a visual demonstration of the process.

8- Say It Out Loud

Saying your blog name ideas out loud is helpful because looking at them on paper may give a different feel than actually saying them. Go through your narrowed-down list and say those names out loud. Listen to yourself saying the names.

9- Go For It!

Make a decision and go for it! No need to spend a week in the process of picking a blog name. Don’t sweat the small stuff, take action! As a blogger, you need to learn to work in the value economy. In the value economy, nobody cares about how long it takes you to do something or about the little details you may think are important. What people care about is how much value they are getting from your content. That’s all, so get to work!