Top 9 Most Practical Tips to Make More Sales Using an MLM Blog

Are you tired of messaging friends and family? Have you tried making friends online but have decided that you hate connecting with strangers with the intent to sell your products and/or services? Are you sick of treating your social media as a sales page? Keep reading, you will learn my insider’s most practical tips. These tips will help you make sales for your network marketing business online using an MLM blog.

How Making Sales Using an MLM Blog Actually Works

I have done all the testing and experimenting for you. In this post, I will explain exactly how I have been able to consistently make sales for my MLM business online without spending any time trying to “sell”. There are four main ways an MLM blog will help you make more sales online to grow your network marketing business: it will set you apart as an expert, grow your network on autopilot, help you connect with our audience, and promote your products as a solution.

Set You Apart as an Expert

I love connecting with people online. When I started building my network marketing business online 3 years ago, Instagram was all the rage. I enjoyed meeting other women and getting to know them. You could actually build a network marketing business using only Instagram back then simply by:

  1. Connecting with your new followers and sharing about your products and/or opportunity
  2. Setting up a funnel using your Instagram bio and promote your freebie regularly

If you knew what you were doing, you could be seen as an expert in a specific niche on Instagram. I even created a course called My 5-Step Formula to Growing Your Network Marketing Business on Instagram because I would get multiple sign-ups to my mailing list and I would make sales all on autopilot only from Instagram. Things have changed. Instagram will bring traffic to your MLM blog, but most likely won’t help you make sales. That’s where your blog comes in. Your blog will allow you to accomplish what used to be done on Instagram. You will be able to set yourself apart from others in your field by becoming an authority in your niche and grow your mailing list.

Grow Your Network on Autopilot

When Instagram was an effective tool to grow your MLM business online, it allowed you to grow your network on autopilot because you could set up an automation to follow people in your niche. They would check out what you were about and possibly follow you back. As they did that, if your freebie was enticing enough, you would grow your mailing list all from your Instagram bio. As I noticed that I could no longer achieve these results from Instagram, I started focusing on blogging. Now, my MLM blogs help me not only grow my mailing list on autopilot but also get true fans on my social media accounts (rather than just people who follow me because I followed them).

Help You Connect With Your Audience

An MLM blog helps you connect with your audience because you are constantly providing value and offering solutions to common problems in your niche. It’s not just about becoming an expert, it’s about providing consistent in-depth content that provides real answers. As you create more blog posts, you also get to learn more about your audience. You discover what posts get more traffic and shares. This is an invaluable asset, which helps you produce more similar content and improve that all-important connection with your readers. Connecting with your audience is an essential part of any successful online business.

Promote Your Products as a Solution

I like to say that blogs don’t make money, businesses do. As a network marketer, you may be able to promote your network marketing products to your mailing list, which you will grow on autopilot on your MLM blog. However, it’s even better if you promote your products as a solution in the context of your blog posts. Most of my MLM sales come directly from my blog posts because my mailing list is still relatively small. When you get started with your blog, it’s a good idea to have a clear understanding of how exactly your products will fit in the context of your niche blog. Then, you will need to produce a lot of content around the specific problem that your products are solving.

Blogging for network marketers

Top 9 Tips to Make More Sales Using an MLM Blog

Now that you have a better understanding of how an MLM blog can help you build your network marketing business online, let me share my top 9 tips to make more sales using your blog.

1. Create Posts About How Your Products Solved Your Problems

One thing that’s pretty great about network marketing is that most people sell products they truly love. I read somewhere that 80% of network marketers start their business because they experienced exceptional results using these products. Network marketers want others to enjoy the benefits they experienced while making a better life for their families. The problem is that most people don’t have enough friends and family members who have the same problems to solve to create a meaningful income. A blog is a way to get more eyes on your solution. Creating posts on your MLM blog about how your products solved your problems is important, but make sure you don’t frame it in a way that is too much about you. Your experience has to be relatable. It has to allow your audience to see how it can apply to them.

2. Direct Friends and Family to Specific Blog Posts That Solve Their Problems

Once you have created your blog posts about how your products solved your problems, you can direct friends and family that have the same problems to these blog posts. Moreover, you can create other blog posts about the problems that your friends and family are facing. To do that, you will have to chat with the people around you. After you decide on the niche that works best for your MLM products, you can have discussions with your entourage about what issues you can solve in your blog posts. These will be important blog posts that you will be able to share with others.

3. Solve Problems in the Online World Using Keyword Research

So far you have created blog posts about how your products solved your problems and about how they can solve your family and friend’s problems. Now, you are going to start doing keyword research in order to access the rest of the online world. The best free keyword tool ever is called Ubersuggest. Think about keyword options like “how to get rid of brown spot” (if your company sells face cream for example). Check your keyword options on Ubersuggest, see how much traffic they get. The optimal range is between 100-500 queries a month when you are just getting started. After a while, you will be able to learn which keywords are bringing traffic to your blog using Ubersuggest again (enter your blog URL in the query box). Produce more similar content around the same keywords.

4. Create a Sales Funnel on Your MLM Blog

Your blog will allow you to expand your network on autopilot by getting people to give you their email address in exchange for a freebie. Once you have your reader’s email addresses, they can go through an automated email sequence that gives more useful info on the topic related to the freebie. The purpose is to increase your connection with your reader and promote openly your products at the end of the email sequence. This is called a sales funnel.

5. Promote Specific Blog Posts on Social Media

I told you about how social media isn’t really that effective anymore to build your network marketing business. That being said, it will bring some traffic to your blog when you talk about specific posts and resources that you share with your followers. The more traffic, the better! Your followers may even end up checking out other blog posts and some of your free resources.

6. Promote Your Freebies on Social Media

Sharing your freebies on social media is way more effective than talking about your products. If you do your marketing right, your freebies will eventually lead to your products of course. People are not likely to go click on a link that talks about certain products, but they will check out a link that gives them something useful (like a free meal plan for example). You can then mention your products in the context of your freebie. Moreover, when people sign up for your freebie because you talked about it on social media, they enter your sales funnel, which may allow you to get more customers.

7. Create Resources You Can Sell That Will Position You as an Authority

When I started using my MLM blogs to build my network marketing business, I didn’t really think selling ebooks on my blogs was going to be super effective. As a general rule, ebooks are not even a great freebie idea anymore (most bloggers will offer workshops, checklists, or courses instead). However, I decided to give it a try because I wanted to create ebooks as an added incentive to purchase my network marketing products. Basically, I am offering four free ebooks to people who decide to purchase the supplements I promote on my blog. Well, I was pretty surprised to sell an ebook on its own (not as part of my MLM offer) even before I was finished setting up my sales page. So, all that to say, ebooks still work to some extent. They position you as an authority and they can be used as a marketing tool.

8. Use Your MLM Blog to Grow Another Platform

In my post How to Use Attraction Marketing to Build Your MLM Business in 2020, I talk about YouTube as an option to grow your network marketing business. I made my first sales from YouTube. YouTube works well for network marketers because it helps you create a better connection with your audience than just a blog. Moreover, including videos or podcasts to your blog posts will increase your chance of ranking on Google and getting more traffic to your blog (I talk about that in my post Top 7 Most Effective Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Blog While Working Less. The reverse is also true. Your MLM blog will help send more traffic to your other platform of choice. I would say that most of my YouTube traffic comes from Pinterest. I pin my blog posts, people check them out and they subscribe to my YouTube channel after seeing the videos embedded in my posts.

9. Create Resources on Your Blog as an Incentive for Getting Customers

Setting up an email funnel is helpful to create a better relationship with your readers. Your email funnel starts with your freebie (the free resource you offer in exchange for people’s email addresses). It ends with your paid resources. Your paid resources will serve as another source of income, they will position you as an authority, and serve as an incentive to purchase your MLM products. You will create a page on your blog where people can buy your paid resources and you will offer these resources for free to those who want to join your network marketing business. It’s a win-win!

Blogging for network marketers

In Summary

An MLM blog is the most effective way to grow a network marketing business online right now. It beats messaging random people or creating endless curated content on social media. It’s a way to take advantage of all the avenues for growing an online business in one place. Your blog can host a YouTube channel, bring people to your social media accounts, grow your mailing list, establish meaningful connection with our audience, and position you as a true authority in your niche. It is a big time investment at first, but it definitely pays off long term. I am glad to say that I make more sales from my blogs on autopilot now than I ever did using the traditional “message everyone on your list” methods.