What Are the Best Affiliate Niches (and Why)

Finding your niche is step one of my 5-Step Formula to Create a Niche Site for Your Online Business (keep reading for the other steps). It is important you spend enough time researching your niche. It will not only make all the other steps much easier by giving you a much-needed direction, but it will ensure you become an authority faster in your niche. In this post, we will talk about what are the best affiliate niches. If you have been researching niche sites at all, you know that one of the prime monetization strategies is affiliate products and you might be wondering what niches are best to sell affiliate products. Let’s have a look!

How Do We Define the Best Affiliate Niches

What do we mean by the best affiliate niches? We mean the affiliate niches with the most profitable affiliate products and that don’t have tons of competition when it comes to ranking on Google. We will start with a simple list of the best affiliate niches, then we will go more in detail and explain why and how to make sure you monetize your niche site effectively.

What Are the Best Affiliate Niches

If you Google What Are the Best Affiliate Niches, you will find that many of the posts that come up also state for 2021. Yes, the most profitable niches will most likely change over time, but I did away with the year because I doubt it will change any time soon. Those niches were the best affiliate niches 5 years ago and they will probably be the best niches in 5 years too:

  • Hobbies
  • Relationships
  • Travel
  • Home Decor
  • Money
  • Fitness
  • Pets
  • Personal Development

This list is by now means exhaustive, if you have an idea that is not here, don’t be discouraged! You can succeed in any niche! Writing about what makes you light up is more important than knowing what are the best affiliate niches and then picking one of those. The point of this post is to get you inspired.

The Hobby Niche

The hobby niche is an excellent choice because people are willing to invest a lot of money in their hobbies. Furthermore, if you pick that niche, there is a pretty good chance you are picking a hobby you love too (at least, I sure hope you do). Whether it’s golfing, knitting, hiking, fishing, hunting, or any other hobby, you can find affiliate products to promote in the hobby niche. Start with your own hobby products. Google the name of whatever products you use and the word affiliate. See what comes up!

The Relationship Niche

In the relationship niche, the affiliate products you will be promoting will most likely be digital programs. The dating niche, in particular, has some programs you can promote. I can also think of some in the parenting niche. Again, Google is your friend. Furthermore, once you get enough traffic to your site, becoming an Amazon affiliate will become an excellent option as books are a key resource for people who are looking for relationship help.

The Travel Niche

Traveling is expensive, but that won,t keep people from doing it, even in a post-Covid world. In the travel niche, you can be an affiliate for airlines (with a small profit margin), for hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc.

If like me, you wonder what is small profit margin, check this post 20 Best Airline Affiliate Programs. Very informative!

The Home Decor Niche

The home decor niche is almost a hobby niche! It’s been ever-growing as the popularity of home decor shows has been increasing and people have been staying home more. Apparently, people spend on average anywhere from $500 to $5,000 a month just on furniture! As an affiliate, you can promote a variety of online stores like Wayfair, Rug Source, and Pier 1. Moreover, you could promote designer services.

The Money Niche

The money niche is huge! There’s personal finances, investment, making money, etc. People are willing to spend a lot to save or earn money and the commissions are usually excellent. Just be aware that it can be a niche that is more difficult to rank for on Google. Many of the money topics require E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness). When it comes to making money online, it takes more time to rank and gain authority as well as the competition is forever increasing.

The Fitness Niche

The fitness niche is one of the E-A-T niches, but it is an excellent affiliate niche nonetheless. As an affiliate, you can promote workout outfits, workout equipment, workout programs, and even supplements! Ranking on Google in the world of fitness is more accessible than trying to rank on other health topics that relate to diet, nutrition, toxins, etc.

The Pet Niche

Many people treat their pets like children these days. This relatively new niche is an excellent choice, it offers many avenues. You could specialize in a specific pet (like cats or dogs or even something more exotic) or not. Either way, pet owners in the US alone spend over 106 billion a year on their pets. There are affiliate programs for pet supplies, food, equipment, and even training programs!

The Personal Development Niche

The personal development niche is growing fast as the demand for life coaches increases as well. If you are wondering about affiliate programs, of course, books are always popular, so becoming an Amazon affiliate would be an option. However, to earn some real money, promoting some personal development programs is the way to go. Even on this blog, in the context of earning an income online, I managed to make a few sales for personal development programs. The commission is usually pretty high (around 40 percent). I would recommend you target a specific audience as you niche down. For example, personal development for business owners, parents, or professionals.

How to Build Your Niche Website

Once you picked your niche, do some market research to learn about your competitors. This is one of the most crucial steps that I missed as a new blogger 2 years ago. Learning about your competitors will help you define your content and monetization strategy. My post How to Start a Niche Site That Can Actually Make a Full-Time Income explains step-by-step how to research your competitors.

Plus, I offer a 30-minute workshop that provides you with a helpful visual tutorial.

For the sake of this post, I will give you a brief overview of the necessary steps to create your niche site:

  1. Defining your niche (you have much better idea of how to do this by now)
  2. Creating Your Website
  3. Using Email Marketing
  4. Monetizing Your Website
  5. Driving Traffic

When I researched various niche websites for my post Top 10 Must-See Niche Websites to Unlock Your Niche Research, one of the main lessons I learned is that most bloggers don’t have an effective monetization and traffic strategy. So, whatever niche you choose, even if it is pretty competitive, has room to grow. Remember that! Pick a niche not solely based on demand and affiliate program opportunities, but based on your interests as well.

In Summary

There is no simple answer to the question what are the best affiliate niches. If you commit to doing the work, you can succeed in any niche. Moreover, I encourage you to keep in mind that affiliate programs are not necessarily the best monetization strategy. Monetizing your website will come down to combining different strategies based on your traffic and the needs of your audience. Just pick your niche and get to work!