Top 7 Health Niches to Consider to Start a Blog as a Health Coach

Are you a health coach looking to bring your business online? If so this post is for you. We are going to look at some potential health niches that you can use to get started and grow your authority in the online world.

Why Health Niches?

The health and wellness world is extremely competitive. To have any chance of getting your site found online, you have to niche down. Niching down means that you will be picking one very specific topic to blog about on your health niche site for a few months at least.

How to Niche Down

As you consider how to niche down, make sure you keep your monetization strategy in mind. There is no point in niching down using health niches that have nothing to do with what you are selling. Here’s what you are going to do: you are going to think of specific questions your potential customers might be asking that will be resolved using your products or services.

Niche Down Using Keyword Tools

As you are looking for ideas to narrow down your health and wellness niche, use a keyword tool like the chrome extension Ubersuggest. Google the questions you have in mind. Look at the search results. Are the sites ranking huge sites with tons of traffic or do you see some smaller sites (with between 10,000 and 60,000 monthly organic visitors)?

If you find some smaller sites, you know you are on the right track with narrowing down your niche. You have some of your first blog post ideas. To get even more ideas, look at the related keywords and long-tail keywords that you see on the right of your screen. Make a list.

If you find that most sites ranking for the keywords you are wanting to use are big sites, it’s ok. You can still write content that targets those keywords. The more you write about related topics, the higher your chance to rank will be over time. Moreover, you will start ranking for keywords in your niche that you may not have been targeting.

Don’t Niche Down Too Much

Ok, while it’s great to use keywords that get fewer monthly visits (between 30 and 1,000 monthly searches), it doesn’t mean that your health niche has to revolve around those keywords forever. Use this keyword search to help you define your niche and think of your first blog posts, but don’t let it put your site in a box that you can never outgrow. Your health niche will be more general as you will see.

Top Health Niches

After doing your keyword research based on your monetization strategy (as a health coach, it is very likely you will sell some digital programs and health products in your niche), you have a better grasp of what topics you will cover in your blog posts. Your topics will fall into one or more of the following health niches: gut health, hormonal health, autoimmune, intuitive eating, fasting, stress, and specific diets. Of course, the topics will overlap at times. These health niches are just a starting point to give direction to your content.

1. Gut Health

Gut health is huge right not as more and more studies are coming out to support its importance and how it impacts your overall health. When you do your keyword research for your blog topics, you will have to be much more specific and find long-tail keywords as the topic of gut health is vast and competitive.

I would pretty much get started using all the suggested keywords that come up in Google, and with the chrome extensions Ubersuggest and Keywords Everywhere:

  • worst foods for gut health
  • gut health supplements
  • how to improve gut health naturally
  • skin and gut health
  • probiotics for gut health
  • gut health and mental health
  • gut health meaning
  • restore gut health, etc

2. Hormonal Health

Hormonal health is another hot topic as women are increasingly aware of their hormonal issues. You should start with focusing on one group of women at first (for example menopausal women) and the common hormonal issues they face. You would address weight loss, fatigue, poor sleep, and other pain points these women are facing that are caused by their specific hormonal issues.

Here are some keyword examples you will be using:

  • menopause hormone levels chart
  • postmenopause symptoms of low estrogen
  • what are the signs of coming to the end of menopause
  • how hormones increase during menopause
  • weight loss during menopause
  • what are the 34 symptoms of menopause

You are seeing how picking a health niche works, right? You have your overarching topics and your more specific blog post revolve around one even more narrow niche. Later on, you start expanding. In this case, you could expand to hormonal health during and after pregnancy, for example.

3. Autoimmune

Autoimmune diseases are becoming a new epidemic, unfortunately. It’s an ever-growing niche for health coaches. Health coaches in this niche could start with a specialization in children, mature women, or specific autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or skin issues.

After picking your specialization, google your keyword ideas and write down all the related keywords for more blog topic ideas.

4. Intuitive Eating

As your site grows over time, you will find that you can start combining niches. Intuitive eating is a niche idea that would do well with other topics or on its own. It’s a niche that encompasses weight loss, mindset, personal development, and daily habits.

The intuitive eating health niche is growing and not too competitive yet. An excellent potion to consider if you are not sure of how you want to monetize your site yet and what topics you want to address.

Some blog posts you would cover:

  • Intuitive eating criticism
  • Intuitive eating before and after
  • Intuitive eating weight loss
  • Intuitive eating tips
  • intuitive eating facts

You will find that you repeat yourself as you blog about all those related topics. It may feel redundant, but keep in mind that most people will only read one of your blog posts. you cannot repeat yourself too much. Furthermore, it will help Google know what your site is about and make blogging easier and quicker.

5. Fasting

Well, fasting is the health niche I personally chose when I started my health coaching business a year and a half ago. The reason I picked it is that fasting is the tool that helped me achieve my health goals. That’s an important factor to consider when you pick a niche: do you have a personal success story? Or maybe the success story of someone you helped? Having a story will enable you to speak from experience, not just from researching your competitors and what you learn from others. That’s powerful! It’s also the reason why I am starting to focus more on health niches on this site. I am a health coach who is succeeding with creating an income online through blogging. I carry my experience to this site.

6. Stress

Stress would be a fun health niche because it can be used in so many ways! Learning to overcome stress can improve specific health issues like poor sleep and mood disorders, but it can also be used to help your readers improve their mindset, deal with their emotions, create a better life.

Because it is a fairly brodd niche, again you would start with something more specific like stress as it relates to a health issue in particular or a target audience that is more likely to struggle with stress and how you can help them specifically. For example, new moms or working moms. What about empty nesters or stress caused my relationship problems? Think about how stress can impact your readers and what solutions you want to bring to them.

7. Specific Diets

When I started experimenting online in the world of health niches, I wanted to blog about specific diets. I was obsessed with finding cures through specific food choices and diets. I loved trying different diets and detoxes. I am always on to something new. Specific diets are compelling. However, I would recommend you pick this niche if you have a personal success story, and if you plan on staying on that specific diet long term.

A crucial part of picking a specific diet as a niche will be to provide meal help in the form of recipes, meal prep, shopping help, etc. People who are looking to heal using a special diet need guidance for all the practical steps that they will take to change their habits. If you are not interested in creating recipes and helping with the day-to-day tasks of adopting a new diet, the specific diet niche may not be a good niche.

Of course, you can still talk about a specific diet in your post, but in the context of another niche. For example, say you pick the vegan raw diet, you can include it in the context of improving hormonal issues and achieving weight loss. Just don’t name your niche site after your specific diet.

For more niche site guidance, sign up for my Niche Site Workshop.

In Summary

All these health niches can be monetized in similar ways: digital programs, coaching, and health products like supplements. The point of picking a specific health niche is to specialize and become an authority in your chosen niche. As a health coach, always keep in mind that your niche may evolve over time. Pick a broad name for your site that will not restrict your growth.