Blogging 101 for Network Marketers

Blogging 101 for Network Marketers

Succeeding with a blog is not an easy task. Some even say that blogging is dead. I know that it isn’t true, not if you learn how to generate traffic consistently. No matter what topic you pick, the key to success is consistency. Creating a blog for your network marketing business is the perfect way to establish your authority and grow your audience.

Creating a Blog for Network Marketing

Creating a blog for your network marketing business is about finding your niche, growing traffic, and using email marketing.

Pick Your Niche

The more specific you are in your mind about who you are trying to attract to your blog the better. This way, you will know what to write about and how to answer her most pressing concerns. You can pretty much monetize anything you are passionate about as they are other people who are excited about the same thing. However, it will take longer to grow an audience in some niches than others. For example, I have a health and wellness blog. Although health and wellness is a great niche (mine is the Paleo Diet), there is a lot of competition and less traffic. It takes consistency and time to get established. I have noticed that online marketing is a better niche for fast results. I am passionate about both, and I still do both.

Considering the potential to monetize should be a factor, but most importantly, write about what you love. As a network marketer, you also need to find a niche that is congruent with whatever you are offering through your company. Don’t start a health and wellness blog if you are with a traveling company!

Here are some good niche ideas to consider:

  • Clean food recipes for weeknight dinners
  • Weight loss on Keto/Paleo or Vegan diets
  • Blogging for moms
  • Health and fitness for moms
  • Personal development for home business owners

It’s important you enjoy what you are writing about but don’t make the number one niche mistake, which is to make your blog all about you. You are solving your audience problems and your blog should be about them. When creating a blog for network marketing, if you are not sure about what niche to pick, read How to Pick a Profitable Niche for Your Online Business.

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Blogging for network marketers


Promote Your Products or Your Business

When creating a blog for network marketing, you will soon discover that promoting your network marketing company products will be similar to promoting affiliate marketing products. You might have to blog about problems your audience wants to solve and give them a solution. The solution will come in the form of whatever your paid products are. Moreover, you will invite your readers to reach out to you for more help and guidance.

The main benefit of creating a blog as a network marketer is that a blog will allow you to grow a mailing list. A mailing list is the best way to promote your network business without having to bug friends and family. A mailing list means growing your business like a professional. You expand your network on autopilot and then you can send emails that talk about the benefits of whatever you are offering. Tell your subscriber to reply to the email or give them a link to click on for more info.

A year ago, I started growing my mailing list just from Instagram. Now, Instagram is not as effective on its own, but the formula remains the same:

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Growing your blog traffic

Creating a blog for network marketing

To grow your mailing list, you need a lot of traffic to your blog. When creating a blog for network marketing, you might think that when you publish your first post, and it goes into the blogosphere, that’s it! You better be sure that it doesn’t contain mistakes and your site is top-notch. Let me break the news to you: when you are a new blogger, nobody reads your blog. Don’t sweat it, you don’t need an under-construction page. You will need to put in a lot of effort into marketing your blog. In my experience, here are the best sources of traffic for your blog:


If you are going to do one thing to increase your blog traffic, I suggest you start pinning! I also recommend you get Tailwind to pin your post automatically every single day. Pinterest alone quadrupled my traffic within a month. Using Tailwind increased my viewership on Pinterest from 14,000 to 60,000 a month during my first 3 weeks of using it.


I am not talking about getting your posts to go viral, although that would be great. When you are launching a new blog, you might get five visitors a day. Sharing on social media with your friends and family could double your number of visitors! If you have a lot of followers on Instagram, it could increase your page visitors even further. When you post on social media, create curiosity. Tell your friends and followers what they will gain by reading your post. Learn more about using Instagram and Facebook as a source of traffic:

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It will take a long time for your blog to receive traffic from Google. The number one thing you can do to increase your traffic from Google is to post quality content consistently. Make sure you are posting at least once a week and write posts that are between 1,000 and 2,000 words. The Blog Millionnaire even recommends to have regular blog posts around 3,000 words. He found that increases your chances of ranking on Google. Here’s how I create my blog posts to try and rank on Google:

  1. I make sure I write multiple blog posts about similar topics from a different angle.
  2. I look up my general topic keywords on Ubersuggest. I see which keywords have lower competition (usually that means fewer visits too, like around 100).
  3. After picking my keyword, I Google it. I have the Chrome extension Keywords Everywhere. I use some of the related keywords in my subtitles.
  4. I enter my main keywords in Yoast SEO (I have the free version and I love it!). I make sure that Yoast SEO gives me the green light with my main keyword.
  5. It’s hard to know what keywords Google will use to rank your posts. After a few weeks, you can check Ubersuggest and see what organic keywords your domain has. Once you start having organic keywords, capitalize on them. Write more blog posts on these topics. Update the posts that rank for these keywords and use these keywords more in your blog post. See if you can improve your ranking that way.


Creating videos to promote your blog requires a lot more effort. For this reason, the competition is lower. So if you enjoy making videos, it’s worth a try. I have had pretty good traffic from YouTube even though my channel is still under 100 subscribers.

Building an audience

Creating a blog for your network marketing business is not the end goal in itself. The end goal is to build an audience. Building an audience will help you increase your number of subscribers and eventually, paying customers for your business.

Email Marketing

Your number one tool to monetize your blog is your mailing list. Do not neglect your mailing list! Experiment with different freebies you will offer through your blog that people will receive in exchange for their email address. I always make sure I have a freebie right at the beginning of creating a blog. I don’t want to waste any blog traffic! If are not getting many opt-ins, you can experiment with various freebies. You can offer different resources in different areas of your blog. Never spend more than one day creating your freebies. Make them simple and easily consumable.

Social Media

Promote your lead magnet on social media. If you are a blogger in network marketing, that is a welcome change! Stop promoting your products and or opportunity, instead bring value to your following by offering your lead magnet. One of the biggest mistakes network marketers make on social media is to treat everyone as a lead. People are not leads. When they sign up to receive your free offer, they are saying: “I want to hear more from you”, that’s when they become leads. Building your audience on social media increases your chances of getting more traffic to your blog and more subscribers to your mailing list. Read this post to learn how to grow your audience using your Instagram stories.

Other Bloggers

Blogginer 101 for Network Marketers

Start connecting with other bloggers. Not only you have a lot in common and you can keep each other accountable, but you can learn from one another and help each other get more traffic to your blogs by taking advantage of each other’s audiences. You could write a post on each other’s blog or interview each other on your social media channels. You could talk about something your blogging friend has done that you really love (like their lead magnet). Lastly, as a network marketer who is blogging, you will meet other bloggers who might not be in network marketing. Maybe someday they will want to learn more about how you are monetizing your blog through network marketing.

Once you get reliable traffic to your blog and an increasing number of subscribers to your mailing list, you are on the road to success. It’s time to learn How to Make Money with Email Marketing.

Creating a blog for network marketing

In Summary

Creating a blog for your network marketing business is not about your products or your opportunity. It’s about growing your influence by providing value to your audience. Read 7 Reasons Why Network Marketing in 2020 Is About Becoming an Influencer (and How to Become One) for more practical tips to grow your network marketing business without prospecting friends and family. Furthermore, creating a blog for network marketing will enable you to grow your network on autopilot through email marketing. What’s not to like?