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Tanya Aliza’s Ultimate Branding Blueprint: Full Review from a Non-Affiliate

I purchased The Ultimate Branding Blueprint by Tanya Aliza 2 years ago. It was my first blogging course ever (read about my Blogging Course Roundup). And it was a sizeable investment! In this post, I give you my full honest review to help you decide if the Ultimate Branding Blueprint is right for you.

Why the Ultimate Branding Blueprint

As a network marketer, chances are you are sick and tired of chasing leads.

Attraction Marketing

You may have heard of attraction marketing. Attraction marketing is about providing content and growing your influence in a way that people ask you for more info about your business. There are various ways you can accomplish this as a network marketer and blogging is one of them.

Blogging for Network Marketers

How does blogging help you as a network marketer? It can help in a few ways:

  • Blogging can as a traffic channel for your offer. You can use blogging to promote your network marketing products the same way you would promote affiliate products. You can talk about your network marketing products in the context of reviews, listicles, etc.
  • Blogging allows you to grow your network on autopilot through email marketing. Email marketing means people are giving you their email address to learn more about what you are offering. No more chasing leads!
  • Having a blog can serve as a second stream of income. It’s not just about your network marketing business. Your online presence will open up many other income opportunities whether it is creating your own digital products or promoting other affiliate products.
  • When you grow a mailing list, you have the opportunity to network with hundreds and thousands of people at once with the click of a button.
  • Your Website will increase your influence and your exposure. Read 7 Reasons Why Network Marketing in 2020 Is About Becoming an Influencer.

As a side note, when I went online to grow my network marketing business, I gradually stopped considering myself a network marketer. Even though I was gaining new clients for my network marketing business every single month, and that, without ever prospecting, I wasn’t building a team and I was expanding to other income streams. I offer digital programs which account for about half my income now. If you are curious about building your passive income online, sign up for my 30-Minute Workshop about Creating a Niche Site.

Learn from Tanya Aliza

Tanya is there to prove that attraction marketing works. She has created her brand and succeeded to make millions of dollars in the process. She is an excellent teacher who has had the results. She benefits from her brand in all the ways I mentioned: she has multiple streams of income, people ask her to join her in her network marketing business, and she has a sizeable mailing list.

What the Ultimate Branding Blueprint Will Teach You

In the Ultimate Branding Blueprint, Tanya Aliza will take you through the process of setting up your own Website from start to finish. In the course, she covers:

  • How to define your brand and your audience.
  • How to set up your WordPress Website through a self-hosted domain.
  • How to choose your theme (she gives you 3 theme options to choose from and guides you as you set it up).
  • In the bonus section, Tanya teaches you how to create your own professional looking images, how to build your email list and make money from your blog. The bonus section itself is impressive; it includes 13 video lessons!

Tanya Aliza

What I Love About the Ultimate Branding Blueprint

Tanya always over-delivers and her course The Ultimate Branding Blueprint is no exception. When I started learning how to grow my network marketing business online, I was blown away by her teaching style and the quality of the information she shares. Here’s what I liked most about her course:

  • Her practical step-by-step videos. She leaves no stone unturned. You will know exactly what to do during the whole process.
  • Her fun upbeat attitude. Her teaching style friendly, helpful, and efficient.
  • The fact that the course is specifically for network marketers. There are many other blogging courses out there. In fact, I will share my absolute favorite with you soon, but none of them are geared towards network marketers.

What I Don’t Love About The Ultimate Branding Blueprint

Even though I truly admire Tanya Aliza and what she has accomplished to help other network marketers, I didn’t love her course The Ultimate Branding Blueprint enough to become an affiliate. Here’s why:

  • The course needs to be updated. It looks like Tanya hasn’t updated The Ultimate Branding Blueprint in years.
  • The three themes she suggests (as an affiliate) are not the best themes out there. I purchased the most expensive theme of the three; it’s called Optimize Press. It looks outdated compared to what you can do with page builders like Divi. Look at the comparison for yourself in my post OptimizePress vs. Divi.
  • She doesn’t spend enough time teaching how to get more traffic to your Website. Having a Website will do nothing for your network marketing business if nobody visits it.
  • It is pricey compared to the other options available on the market (keep reading, I will tell you which courses I recommend for better value).

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Online Business Courses I Recommend Instead

Even though I enjoyed Tanya Aliza’s Ultimate Branding Blueprint, I recommend you invest in a different course.

My Experience

If you read my Blogging Courses RoundUp, you will see that I invested a lot of time and money in blogging courses. I knew almost right from the beginning of my network marketing journey that I wanted the build my business more like a blogger than a network marketer.

I am a big proponent of attraction marketing. I have done all the “prospecting family and friends and networking on social media” thing. However, I decided that this was not how I wanted to build my legacy. I talk about that more in my free online training My 5-Step Formula to Growing Your Network Marketing Business on Instagram. You can access the training here:

Most Valuable Blogging Course

The most helpful course that I ever purchased was the ProBlogger Bundle.

I purchased it 2 years ago and it has been updated multiple times since then. I love how Lauren and Alex are honest and real. They do their best to provide the most up-to-date information.

Since then, I created my own blogging course. The reason I did is that I have purchased multiple courses over the years and I wanted to combine the info I learned from various teachers with what I learned from my own experience. I notice that most blogging courses don’t teach you how to research your competitors and think long term when you start a blog. It is really important to have a plan when it comes to your monetization strategy and to know who to research your market to ensure your ideas have the potential to work.

My 5-Step Formula to Create a Niche Site for Your Online Business in Just 21 Days takes you all through the process of finding your niche, researching your competitors, setting up your website, picking your monetization, and growing your mailing list.

Consequently, you can bet that this is the most valuable blogging course I recommend you get.😀

Tanya Aliza's Ultimate Branding Blueprint

In Summary

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint by Tanya Aliza would have been an incredible purchase a few years ago. However, I feel it has become outdated. Moreover, now that there are even more online business courses on the market, the price point isn’t the best. What do you think? Are you still interested in purchasing The Ultimate Branding Blueprint? If you are still unsure, you may enjoy my Step-by-Step post about finding a Branding Blueprint alternative.