Elite Marketing Pro Alternative: Attraction Marketing Formula

If you are reading this, chances are you were looking for an Elite Marketing Pro Review and want to learn how to grow your MLM business without chasing leads online. I have been there done that! In fact, you can read a bit more about my experience with Elite Marketing Pro and other attraction marketing platforms in my post Elite Marketing Pro Review – Not An Affiliate. The aim of this post is for me to share my attraction marketing formula you can follow instead of getting an Elite Marketing Pro membership.

Why Not Elite Marketing Pro?

Before I get started with my attraction marketing formula, I just want to explain quickly why I don’t recommend you join Elite Marketing Pro. There are a few reasons:

  • The training that you will receive is designed to help you sell Elite Marketing Pro as an affiliate rather than grow your network marketing business. I guess you could probably grow your team through the exposure you get as an Elite Marketing Pro affiliate, but nonetheless, it is a bit deceiving.
  • Your Website will be hosted on the Elite Marketing Pro platform and as I have said before, you should self-host your blog on wordpres.org to be completely in charge and have full control.
  • Even though the membership in itself is fairly affordable, there are upsells within the program that may add up to a few thousands of dollars.
  • The strategies you will learn rely heavily on Facebook ads, which are expensive and not as effective as they used to be.

Ok, I hope this quick review sums up well enough why I recommend you avoid joining Elite Marketing Pro. Instead, you can follow the attraction marketing formula that I am just about to outline to see real results for your network marketing business.

My Attraction Marketing Formula Step-By-Step

Most network marketers who teach attraction marketing started by teaching attraction marketing. So, basically, they explain what they learned from other network marketers who claim to grow their teams online. Who knows how far back the network marketer actually obtaining the results is? I am sure some network marketers have enough of an online presence to grow their teams using attraction marketing the way that is commonly taught, but my guess is that these strategies are mostly about faking it until you make it. My attraction marketing formula is different. I am going to help you sell your MLM products online on autopilot. No faking required!

Step One: Choose Your Blog Niche

Seriously, I have so many posts about niche blogs, I cannot overemphasize the importance of this step. It’s the difference between working for two years without making a sale and making your first sale within a few months. In this post, I am going to give you some specific recommendations about picking the right niche, but read How to Pick Your Niche Blog Topic in 3 Easy Steps for a more basic plan that will help you get started. I know firsthand the importance of picking the right niche. To this day, I have two blogs that I use to sell my MLM products. One is a Paleo blog, which I thought would be a good niche, but just started taking off after two years, The other one, is a Fasting blog. I made my first sale on my fasting blog after a few months and it is still my main source of income.

How Do You Know If Your Niche Is a Good Niche?

You may wonder: How do I pick the right niche? After all, a Paleo blog sounds like a pretty decent niche. How do I know I am not picking a niche that will take longer to conquer? Well, I would say the number one factor to consider is competition. The Paleo world already had many big names in it. It’s fair to say I had come a little late to the game. That being said, if you are passionate about a niche that is already fairly popular, you don’t need to give up on the idea. Instead, you can still give it a try but I recommend you follow these guidelines:

  • Start by focusing on a more specific topic within your niche. For example, if you pick the Women Over 40 niche, pick a topic within that niche and write about it for the first few months. For example, you could write exclusively about hormonal health for women over 40.
  • Be prepared to write multiple times a week. The more often you write, the sooner you will see results. If you can’t write more than once a week (which is the strict minimum), don’t give up! You can still be successful. I now write only once a week and still make sales, but my traffic has been stagnant and I am working on finding ways to increase it. It’s all about experimenting and focusing on what works.
  • Make sure your niche is congruent with the MLM products you want to sell. Writing about relationships may not be the best choice if you want to sell a shake.
  • Focus on selling one main product on most of your posts. Expand to other products gradually.

Step Two: Set-Up Your Website

Now, this step may seem a bit overwhelming if you are not too tech-savvy, but believe me, if I can figure it out, so can you! Plus, I created a 30-minute workshop to help you do just that.

Step Three: Start Writing

That’s kind of obvious right? If you want to make sales, you need to drive traffic to your blog. To get traffic to your blog, you need to write and write consistently. But there is more to it. You can’t just write randomly about anything that comes to your mind and is related to your niche. To see real results follow this simple strategy:

  1. Pick a topic within your niche and stick to it for a while. I already mentioned this when I talked about choosing a niche, but even if your niche isn’t very competitive, it’s a good idea to stick to narrow topics.
  2. Do some keyword research and pick keywords that are not too competitive within the chosen category. I love Ubersuggest to do my keyword research. It’s the best free keyword research tool for sure! Pick keywords with less than 500 monthly queries.
  3. Keep track of which keywords bring traffic to your site and write more content about similar topics using the same keywords. Again, you will use Ubersuggest to do that. Just enter your domain name in the search bar. You will need to wait a few months to see this data. You can also check Google Analytics.
  4. Include your products in the context of your posts. You won’t sell your MLM products if you don’t talk about them. Make sure you write blog posts that promote your products as a solution to a specific problem congruent with your topic.

Step Four: Find Your Secondary Platform

There is no doubt that blogging is more competitive than it used to be. You will need some ingenuity to breakthrough. The two main ways are to pick a good niche and focus on the right keywords, which I mentioned already, and use your site to promote your work on another platform like a podcast or a YouTube Channel. Having YouTube videos embedded in your posts will help you rank faster on Google. You can create your own videos, which is a good idea, particularly if you are in network marketing. Videos help create a personal touch that makes all the difference. Podcasts are also growing in popularity and many network marketers are using them to grow their influence. You can always try that if you prefer.

Step Five: Use Email Marketing

Our last step is email marketing. Email marketing is another way to establish a relationship with your readers. Not only it will help you collect their information, which will be helpful to promote future sales or events, but also, it will allow you to send an automated email sequence after they sign up for your mailing list. This automated sequence will include your freebie (whatever you are giving away in exchange for their email address), and for a few days, you will send some emails to provide more value and then promote a specific product. Many people who visit your site are not ready to make a purchase right away. Collecting email addresses is a smart thing to do as you will be able to communicate with your readers in the future.

In Summary

As you read this, you may feel a bit overwhelmed and unsure you can implement these attraction marketing steps without help. Not to worry, you still don’t need to sign up for Elite Marketing Pro. Instead, make sure you sign up for my 5-Day Email Course and you will have enough information to get started. Moreover, I will tell you about some blogging courses that will guide you in more detail. The strategies that bloggers use to make money online are very similar. You will promote your network marketing products the same way they promote affiliate products. It is not too complex, I promise.