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Personal Development for Her Online Course by Natalie Bacon: Full Review

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To be honest right from the start, you need to know that I love everything by Natalie Bacon! I never miss an episode of her podcast. I have purchased two of her courses, and I fully intend to buy the other two. The Personal Development for Her course is no exception. Natalie Bacon provides actionable and practical information that will transform all aspects of your life.

Basic Personal Development Concepts

Natalie Bacon was the first one I heard saying that your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings create your actions, and your actions create your results. Such a liberating concept! You can choose to think whatever you want!

Your Circumstances

Did you know your circumstances have no meaning? Your circumstances are neutral. However, your thoughts about your circumstances that create your feelings. Natalie Bacon gives many examples of this in her Personal Development for Her course.

One of them is going on a vacation. When you are on vacation, your thoughts about the vacation make you feel relaxed, not the place itself. Some people live there year-round, and they don’t feel relaxed.

No matter where you are in life, you have never arrived. No circumstance is “perfect.”

Your Feelings

Your thoughts create your feelings, not your circumstances. It’s a very powerful concept because it means you can have chaos around you and choose to feel happy and calm.

Understanding this is the basis of personal development. In the course Personal Development for Her, you will learn how these concepts affect every aspect of your life and how you can start taking concrete action to change your results. Keep reading to know precisely how Natalie Bacon puts it all together in her course.

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Personal Development for Her Outline

Module 1: Mindset

1. How the World Works

This lesson is all about creating your results by choosing your thoughts. Natalie walks you through a process that you can use to coach yourself to produce the results you want. She explains in great detail how you can replace unintentional thoughts with intentional ones.

In this lesson, Natalie Bacon talks about the T-Line. The T-Line is the line of thoughts that create your feelings and your actions. She explains that when you learn to examine your thoughts, you can learn to observe them and replace them with bridge thoughts. Bridge thoughts are neutral thoughts that move you closer to your goals. For example, if you would like to have a more abundant mindset about money, instead of trying to think “I am rich,” you can say “I have enough.” She helps you through this process.

Another way you can start changing your thoughts is by asking yourself the right questions. For example, you could ask: How can I lose more weight? How can I make more money? How can I reach my goal? When you ask these questions, your brain will find the answer. That’s why it’s essential to ask positive questions, not questions like Why do I always fail?

2. Your Brain In Action

In this lesson, Natalie Bacon explains how making decisions from the prefrontal cortex is the best way to ensure you reach your goals because your primitive brain always to wants to avoid pain and seek pleasure.

3. Don’t Believe Everything You Think

A belief is a thought you keep on thinking. The idea isn’t necessarily true, but you may have been thinking it so much, you think it’s true. You forget it’s just a sentence in your head. In this lesson, Natalie Bacon helps you determine which of your beliefs you want to keep on thinking and which ones are not serving you. She enables you to decide what to believe on purpose.

4. Scarcity Vs. Abundance Thinking

In this lesson, Natalie explains how to deal with scarcity thinking. Here are some scarcity examples she mentions:

  • I don’t have enough time.
  • She’s not a good enough friend.
  • He doesn’t love me enough.
  • I don’t make enough money.
  • I’m not smart enough.
  • I don’t have the right skills.

Your circumstances don’t mean anything. You make them mean something negative when you are in scarcity thinking. Natalie helps you notice your thoughts so you can move into abundant thinking. Here are some examples of abundant thoughts:

  • Anything is possible.
  • Money is easy.
  • Losing weight is fun.
  • I believe I can create anything I commit to.
  • My relationships are the best.
  • I have enough.

Explore these ideas further and Renew Your Thoughts In 7 Days when you buy Personal Development for Her using my affiliate link.

5. Your Past

The past exists only as sentences in your head. The story you tell of your childhood changes over time and other people who lived the same circumstances you lived would tell the story differently. In this lesson, Natalie Bacon explains how you can stop telling yourself the same story and how you can change your future by not making decisions from your past.

6. The Results You Have In Your Life

In this lesson, you will learn that you need to change your thoughts that will change your feelings so you can take the actions that will allow you to get the results you want. Natalie gives you the tools to be curious and compassionate as you learn to get the results you want using your thoughts. Moreover, if you buy Personal Development for her using my affiliate link, you will receive my 7 Day to New Thoughts Journal with Journaling Prompts for free! My Journal will help you dig even deeper into your scarcity thoughts and replace them with abundant thoughts.

7. Why You Don’t Take Action

Natalie Bacon empowers to discern if you are not taking action because you don’t want to or because you have not been thinking the thoughts that will drive you to take action. You have to become the person who has the results you want.

8. Alter Ego

Your alter ego is the person that has the results you want to get. You can get results in any area of your life by adopting this new identity. Natalie Bacon goes on to explain that actors and performers do this all the time. She gives you tips to choose and embody your alter ego.

Module 2: Feelings

1. The Role Emotions Play

It’s important to learn to experience negative emotions to grow and reach your goals. Achieving your goals requires you to experience discomfort. Natalie teaches you how to learn to accept this.

2. Resisting, Reacting, Avoiding, and Experiencing Emotions

In this lesson, Natalie Bacon talks about how you can stop avoiding negative emotions. She explains that most of us have a way to escape feelings, but it’s essential to experience discomfort without making it mean anything.

3. Types of Emotions

There are various types of negative and positive emotions, and you need to define the positive emotions you want to experience. What do they mean to you?

4. Fear

In this lesson, you will learn how to approach fear to get the results you want. Natalie explains that fear is simply a vibration in your body caused by your thoughts. Again, she helps you overcome this negative emotion.

5. Emotional Adulthood Vs. Childhood

Most of us are not taking ownership of our emotions. We are in what Natalie calls emotional childhood. In this lesson, you will learn to take responsibility for your emotions and move in emotional adulthood.

6. Choosing Emotions Intentionally

You can feel anything you want anytime. That’s called creating your emotions intentionally. The way you do this is by choosing the thoughts that create the emotions you want.

Module 3: Self-Love

What Love Has To Do With It

In this lesson, Natalie Bacon demonstrates how the feeling of love is created by your thoughts. The same thing applies to your feeling of love towards yourself.

You 2.0

Your name 2.0 is how you practice loving yourself more. It’s the second version of yourself. Natalie explains how making your commitments to You 2.0 will allow you to build trust with yourself.

Self-Worth, Integrity, and Self-Respect

Your worth as a human is set. It doesn’t matter what others think about you or what you think about yourself. Your worth doesn’t change. Self-worth is the value you have as a human. The opinion you have about yourself is self-respect. In this lesson, Natalie helps you become a person of integrity so you can increase your self-esteem.


Confidence is trust and belief in yourself. It is also a feeling. You build confidence by honoring your commitments to yourself. When you are self-confident, you take more risks are you live as your future self, which will help you reach your goals. In this lesson, Natalie shows you how to become self-confident.

What Other People Think

Whether people like you or not doesn’t mean anything about you. Be authentically you. Other people cannot make you happy; you have to make yourself happy.


Commitment is vital to reach your goals. It’s not enough to have the desire; you have to take action. Commitment, like all feelings, is created by your thoughts. Natalie teaches you to increase your capacity to commit.

Your Past and Future Self

Doing more of the same thing will get you the same results. To get different results, you need to do different things. In this lesson, Natalie explains how your past doesn’t mean anything about your future. You can choose to think anything.

Module 4: Relationships

Defining Relationships

In this lesson, Natalie Bacon examines the three components of any relationship:

  • The thoughts you have about the other person.
  • The thoughts the other person has about you.
  • The thoughts you think the other person has about you.

The Manual

The manual refers to the expectations you have from another person in a relationship. In this lesson, Natalie explains that it’s OK to have expectations, but it’s not OK to want to control the other person to get your expectations met.

Setting Boundaries

You can’t control other people, but you can decide how you react when people behave in a certain way. Natalie Bacon helps you learn how to set your boundaries.

Unconditional Love

In this lesson, Natalie Bacon talks about how you can practice unconditional love in your relationships. She encourages you to learn this because you get to feel love. The feeling of love feels so good!

Your Circle of Influence

You can choose to be around whoever you want, but some people will make it hard to be your best self.

When Relationships End

Instead of thinking of a relationship ending, think of it as being complete. Relationships end when they are supposed to end. In this lesson, Natalie empowers you to decide when a relationship is complete.

Module 5: Problems

A Close Look at Problems

In this lesson, Natalie explains that you never will stop having problems. You have never arrived. When your circumstances change, you trade in a set of problems for a different set of problems. She helps you change your perspective not to let problems bring you down.

The Worst that Can Happens

When you understand that your circumstances are neutral, you realize that the worst that can happen to you is a feeling. If you let fear stop you, you fail ahead of time. Learn to be willing to feel negative emotions so you can keep moving forward. Natalie walks you through the thought process you need to follow to fulfill your purpose.

Getting Over What Happened in the Past

Your past doesn’t define your future. To get the future you want, learn to create your future from your future. That’s how you stop repeating the past.

Obsessing Over Problems

The more you obsess over your problems, the sorrier for yourself you will feel. Obsessing over your problems will cause you to slow down and give up. In this lesson, you will learn the importance of solving your problems instead of obsessing over them.

How to Solve Your Problem

It’s important to separate the facts from the thoughts when you decide whether there is a problem. Natalie will help you do this. Once you proactively decide there is a problem, you can solve it. To solve a problem, you ask yourself: How can I solve this problem? Natalie will help you practice your problem-solving skills.

Module 6: Overwhelm, Burnout, and Busyness

Overwhelm, Burnout, and Busyness

Obsessing over problems is not useful. The problem is not the problem; it’s how you think about the problem. In this lesson, learn more about how to view problems. Deal with them to avoid burnout and busyness.


We tend to seek external pleasure to deal with our eternal life. However, it’s not sustainable because you will find that there is enough pleasure. It’s important to realize that nobody feels good all the time and to learn to experience negative feelings. Natalie encourages you to plan your pleasures ahead of time, so you don’t use them as an escape.

Solving for Urges

You need to allow your urges to design your dream life. Not giving in to the urge will reprogram your brain and help eliminate it. Natalie Bacon helps you decide when you need to stop escaping, and when you need to make your life more manageable.

The Magic of Constraint

A constraint is a limit you put on yourself intentionally to make your options fewer. Your brain gets tired of making too many decisions. In this lesson, you will learn how to use constraints to simplify your life.


There are many areas in your life and depending on the season, you may spend more time in one area. Life rarely gives you balance in all the areas. When you want extraordinary results, you need to get off balance. In this lesson, Natalie helps you determine your priorities.

The Solution to Overwhelm, Burnout, and Busyness

In this lesson, Natalie Bacon teaches you how to put all the lessons together to eliminate the overwhelm.

Module 7: Productivity

Redefining Productivity

Productivity is the act of producing something. Most of us are busy, but we are not producing enough. In this lesson, Natalie helps you think in terms of results rather than time.

Taking Action

In this lesson, you will learn about passive action, small action, and massive action.

The Secret to Focusing

When you immerse yourself in something, you are more likely to see the results you want. Natalie encourages you to go all-in and stop dabbling.

Eight Life Categories

Natalie defines these eight life categories:

  1. Health
  2. Relationships
  3. Finances
  4. Career, Business, and Work
  5. Your Development
  6. Environment and Organization
  7. Fun and Recreation
  8. Charitable Contribution

In this lesson, you will learn to focus on the categories where you want the results.

Making Better Decisions

Learn to avoid indecision. Make decisions quickly and responsibly. Understand that what makes a decision right or wrong is you deciding that it was right or wrong. Natalie will take you through a 6-step process to make better decisions.

Urgent Vs. Important

In this lesson, Natalie Bacon shares how you can focus on what’s really important to you. You will learn to act proactively instead of reactively.

Perfectionism and Procrastination

You need to produce B- work to be successful in your business because you will need to create tons of content to find what works. In this lesson, you will learn how to plan your results and stop procrastinating.

Physical Health and Productivity

Staying physically healthy will help you be more productive. Decide what health constraints you can establish intentionally to feel your best.

Module 8: Time Management

Redefining Time Management

Time management is about managing your mind. Time never changes; how you think about it does. You can spend your time however you want, but you have to like your reasons. Consequently, you need to plan to spend your time the way you want to make the most of it.

10 Ways You Waste Time

In this lesson, you discover the 10 ways you are wasting time and how you can stop wasting your time today.

10 Ways to Create More Time

Now that you have stopped wasting time, you can learn to create more time in this lesson.

How to Plan

Natalie talks about the importance of planning and honoring your commitments to yourself to reach your goals. She helps you plan each step to keep you on track for the next two weeks.

Plan Your Day Based On Energy

The morning is typically the best time to be productive. Late afternoon is usually the worst time to be productive. Choose administrative tasks as your brain is getting more tired.

My Favorite Planning Tools

In this lesson, you will learn which planning tools Natalie Bacon uses to plan. She explains which tools can help you the most stay organized. You will come back to this module over and over as you experiment with the various tools.

Module 9: Goal Setting

Your Brain and Goals

Learn how to keep learning to reach your goals. Discover the meaning you give to your discomfort and understand that your happiness is not on the other side of the goal. Happiness is what leads to success. Success doe not lead to happiness. However, goals give you something to focus on. They build character and help you grow.

How to Set Goals

Natalie uses the eight life categories to help you set goals. She goes through a 10-step process:

  1. Reflect on the past
  2. Evaluate the present
  3. Make a bucket list
  4. Set a one-year goal
  5. Articulate your why
  6. Address fear
  7. Plan for problems and failures
  8. Set monthly mini-goals
  9. Create an action list
  10. Plan your to-dos

Goal Setting Tips

In this lesson, Natalie Bacon gives you even more advice to set your goals.

Creating Your Future From Your Future

To reach your goal, you need to create the right mindset and start thinking like your future self. You will learn how.

Being Proud of Yourself

You have a lot to be proud of as you pursue your goals and become your better self. This lesson helps you learn to look at your progress and be proud of it.

Module 10: Habits

Your Brain and Habits

Much of what you do every day is a habit. You need to become aware of your habits and instill productive habits to grow and reach your goals.

Small Habits=Big Success

In this lesson, Natalie teaches that instead of trying to tackle big goals, it’s better to break it up into small pieces.

Breaking Bad Habits

You will learn to break by habits by making a list of all your current bad habits. Then, you will tackle one bad habit at a time.

Creating New Habits

In this lesson, you will brainstorm a list of 5 new habits you want to create. You will start focusing on one habit at a time, but plan for resistance. Natalie encourages you to start small and stop beating yourself up when you fail.\

Module 11: Design Your Dream Life

Being Her

You need to think about who you want to be and practice being her. Remember, you can get extra help with that in my free gift Renew Your Thoughts in 7 Days. Just purchase Natalie Bacon’s Personal Development for Her using my affiliate link.

Feeling Stuck

Feeling stuck is feeling unable to change the situation. Natalie will teach you to ask your brain questions to get unstuck. She will empower you to be the leader of your life and design the life of your dreams.

The Dream Mindset

Your thoughts and beliefs will create your results. To end this course, Natalie gives you an overview of the dream mindset. I included a lot of the work she does in this module in my Renew Your Mindset in 7 Days Journal.

How You Can Benefit from Personal Development for Her

When I first started looking at Natalie Bacon’s offerings, Blogging With a Full-Time job seemed a no-brainer, but I wasn’t sure a personal development course like Personal Development for Her would be a worthwhile investment. After all, can’t I just listen to podcasts and get the same results?


Podcasts are very helpful, but to truly be able to change your thoughts patterns, you need to learn to coach yourself. That is what Natalie Bacon helps you do in her course Personal Development for Her. In her course, you will learn to start taking action with the future in mind instead of your past.

She breaks down every single barrier you can possibly have set up in your mind. She takes you step-by-step through the process of creating the life you have been wanting.

In Personal Development for Her, you get all the tools you need, including workbooks and many bonuses to transform your mind.

How Personal Development for Her Could Be Improved

There is not much I would improve about this course. Only two simple things:

  1. Natalie Bacon’s courses used to be on the platform Teachable. Now, she has them on her Website. It is a sizeable course and the Website doesn’t track where you are. I love how platforms like Teachable and Thinkific mark your progress and show you exactly what the updates are when there are updates.
  2. The size of the course can make it a bit overwhelming. It includes so much information and multiple workbooks. I thought a simple journaling workbook that helps you take action with the most foundational aspects of the course would be helpful. That’s why I created one as a bonus gift for you if you purchase Personal Development for Her using my affiliate link.

In Summary

The course Personal Development for Her by Natalie Bacon is truly life-changing. I have been learning concepts that I had never even heard of before.